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We've built training centers all over Los Angeles, and now we're coming to you. See for yourself why Joanna Crup, Angel City Pits, Victorial Steelwell, and Tito Ortiz personally endorse our in-home training services!

It's a very simple yet powerful system of communication that just about anyone can master and is never harsh. If your dog understands what you want, she will WANT to make you happy and follow your rules. It's just that easy.

Our Training

In-Home Training

Lessons and instruction for general obedience training, or to address specific behavior problems and issues.

Day Training

Certified Professional Dog Trainer will train your dog for you.

New Dog Training

Instruction specifically targeted to help with newly adopted adult dogs, or puppies.

How Hope

How Hope Begins


is the first step toward reaching your training goals. During the evaluation, which takes place in your home and lasts 45-60 minutes, we observe how you and your dog lives and discuss what you want to accomplish. Once the evaluation is done, we will provide you with a written plan based on what we observed during the time with you and your family. This plan will address your short-term and long-term goals, as necessary, and how to obtain them.

Ray-sing the Bar: Your training sessions

One Session

If you have already been through a training program, but you want to revisit one specific issue or make sure you are on the right track, this might be all you need. Perfect for you if your dog seems to have forgotten some of the basics and just needs a quick refresher course.

4 to 8 Training Sessions

Have a new puppy or rescue? It usually takes a minimum of four and up to eight training for your new friend to properly learn his lessons. How many sessions you need depends on the dog, your family, and your goals. We will assess your pup's progress after week four and determine if more training is required.

More Than 8 Session

More than eight sessions are reserved for more advanced training or if you have encountered a serious behavioral issue (ie anxiety, aggression, fear, counter surfing, running out the door, or leash walking struggles).

Please note that all training will require owner participation

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