Pet Sitting

What's Included

  • Food, freshwater, give owner-approved treats
  • Administer pet vitamins and oral medication – if needed
  • Indoor/outdoor exercise or game with a favorite toy
  • Potty break walks
  • Brushing – if requested
  • Scooping the litter box at each visit
  • Text message updates & photos while you’re away.

Donate For A Service

All prices are suggested donations.

Available to LA Area ONLY.

  • Walking
  • Pet Sitting (In Your Home)

Daily Walk


Duration: 1/2 Hour

Monthly Pass


Based on 20 walks

Extra Pets


1 day


Feedings & Walks



Feedings & Walks

1 Week


Based on 7 days

Week Stay


Based on 7 days

Extra Pets

1 Day


1 Week


*Mileage Charges - Apply to all services*

0-10 miles from the our facility's location is No Extra Charge.

10 miles and more is $10/hr drive based on the day, the time of your appointment.

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