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Our Tail

Ray's Hope is a program designed to match military personnel (and any first responders) experiencing PTSD with dogs that otherwise may not be rescued. Once we accept a soldier into our program, we begin our search for his new companion. We start with local shelters, but will reach out to local rescues and even find some dogs who are in a bad situation by word of mouth.

Putting a dog in need together with a person suffering from PTSD gives them each hope and a purpose. They will help each other work through their issues and form a permanent, lasting bond. Ray’s Hope’s primary mission is to rescue dogs and people with PTSD - rescue to rescue

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Ray’s Hope is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to improving the lives of our service members and rescue dogs. Your money helps pay for the dog’s care (spay/neuter, medical costs, food) and training, housing for the soldier, and any costs associated with schooling, medications, and other costs associated with helping them integrate back into civilian life.

Each duo needs approximately six months in our program to form a relationship, tailor the dog’s training to the individual’s needs, and prepare them for life beyond the military. This includes helping them navigate the VA to treat their physical, mental, and emotional trauma, setting themselves up for their next stage in life, assist them with focusing on their goals, finding the right dog for them, and helping them reach their short-term and long-term goals.

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